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This Just In at the Dwell Store: Classic British Lighting


Anglepoise is an iconic British brand that had its start in 1931, when automotive engineer George Carwadine had the opportunity to create a task lamp using his innovative balancing technique that involved weights, springs, cranks, and levers. The company continues to produce its most celebrated designs, while enhancing its fleet of products with modern upgrades. The Dwell Store now carries several of Anglepoise most famous lamp designs.

In 1933, George Carwadine launched the first Anglepoise four-spring task lamp.
The Original 1227 lamp is extremely flexible, adjustable, and stable, making it a favorite lamp among art and design...
Anglepoise produces a variety of lamps that are designed for both commercial and residential use.
The Type 75 series includes table, floor, and wall lamps, including the Mini Floor Lamp, pictured here.
The Type 75 series of lighting is a favorite of architects and designers.

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