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This Green-Minded Prefab Treads Lightly on the Earth


A smartly built modular home helps a couple save on energy bills.

After seeing Chris Pardo’s prefabricated modular housing online, a young couple approached the award-winning architect to adapt his Elemental Architecture Line to create a green house for them. The pair owned a two-and-a-half-acre lot situated on a hill in Cloverdale, Sonoma County, California. “The homeowners wanted lots of light, as well as a smooth connection between indoor and outdoor areas,” says Pardo, adding, “They also had a genuine appreciation for the scenery and topography.” The resulting, 2,300-square-foot three-bedroom house—constructed by Method Homes—sits compactly on the hillside, with a spacious 450-square-foot roof deck off the main living area. “By maintaining a detailed focus on situating the home correctly on the property, we were able to maximize natural light, take advantage of the views, and create comfortable open spaces, all while having a limited footprint touch the earth,” says Pardo. The homeowners, who write and publish from home for a living, are delighted with their new house.

An exterior shot shows the site-built garage along with two adapted prefabricated modules.
The couple’s airy home office is situated in the top module.
Method Homes installed the sleek U-shaped kitchen, which features maple cabinets, concrete with fly ash countertops,...
An overhead ceiling fan in the living room also helps maximize circulation and save on energy bills.
Off the kitchen is an exterior bridge that leads onto a spacious 450-square-foot deck that can be used for entertaining.
The cantilevered office space above the garage is also underlit with exterior lighting between the driveway and the...
In the rear, the master bedroom is visible in the cedar volume.
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