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This Green-Minded Prefab Treads Lightly on the Earth


A smartly built modular home helps a couple save on energy bills.

After seeing Chris Pardo’s prefabricated modular housing online, a young couple approached the award-winning architect to adapt his Elemental Architecture Line to create a green house for them. The pair owned a two-and-a-half-acre lot situated on a hill in Cloverdale, Sonoma County, California. “The homeowners wanted lots of light, as well as a smooth connection between indoor and outdoor areas,” says Pardo, adding, “They also had a genuine appreciation for the scenery and topography.” The resulting, 2,300-square-foot three-bedroom house—constructed by Method Homes—sits compactly on the hillside, with a spacious 450-square-foot roof deck off the main living area. “By maintaining a detailed focus on situating the home correctly on the property, we were able to maximize natural light, take advantage of the views, and create comfortable open spaces, all while having a limited footprint touch the earth,” says Pardo. The homeowners, who write and publish from home for a living, are delighted with their new house.

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