Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

The Work of Asher Israelow


Add Asher Israelow to our list of young guns to watch. The Brooklyn resident and Rhode Island School of Design grad, who turns 28 this year, designs and builds stunning furniture with varied species of wood as his palette. Thanks to a tip from Stefanie Brechbuehler of Workstead (the firm which designed Melissa Jun's kitchen renovation featured in our March 2010 issue), we present a slideshow of Israelow's work.

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Mixing light and dark woods, this desk features a walnut slab atop a maple base. Photo courtesy Robert Andrew Highsmith.
Shown here, the details of the underside of the desk and storage space. Photo courtesy Robert Andrew Highsmith.
Israelow designed this elegant platform bed and headboard with oil-finished walnuts and "a touch of inlay," he...
Another view of the bed, showcasing the two types of walnut used and the inlay detail.
The stunning Star Map bench or table is simple in silhouette yet features painstakingly detailed inlay.
Shown here, the brass inlay on the walnut slab top of the Star Map bench/table. Photo courtesy Robert Andrew Highsmith.
Simon's Table, a coffee table with built-in storage, again features the contrast of walnut on maple.
The top of the Simon's Table features "two racing stripes added for sport," Israelow describes.
Israelow's Cloudy series includes this coffee table, made of black walnut and maple, as well as a side table.
This side view highlights the cantilever of the coffee table, a solid structure that appears airy with just two legs...
The Cloudy Side Table features the same color contrasts as the Cloudy Table, just at a smaller scale.
This detail displays the exposed joints and Israelow's handiwork both designing and building his furniture.