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The Seascape Retreat is an Exemplary Romantic Getaway


Set into a hill on a South Pacific cove of the Banks Peninsula, the small rental provides all a honeymooning couple needs in only three rooms; a lobby, a bathroom and (most importantly) a bedroom. Built with local materials quarried near the site and featuring an earth-turfed roof, the retreat appears to lift up from the knoll like a sleepy giant opening its eye, with much of the space built into the hillside to further give one a sense of privacy. The home’s unique design is organized to provide you with views of both the bay as well as calm rocky spires, and features an interior appointed with a breathtaking array of furnishings, as well as a bustling fireplace whose geometry seems to mimic that of the enclosing structure. Despite its seclusion, the cottage maintains a level of self-reliance thanks to an integrate system for harvesting on-site water and treating wastewater, helping to limit any ties the house must have to the outside world. But most of all, the Seascape Retreat is a stunning little escape that offers couples what they want most; total solitude from everyone around them, with nothing but the lapping waters of the beach and your loved one to worry about.