Collection by Diana Budds

The Retailers of American-Made Design: Makers Market


Suzy Ekman of Makers Market, an online shop that aims to celebrate American craftsmanship with high-quality local wares, tells us about her dreams for domestic production.

What is the average run size of the products you sell? Most of our makers are individuals, with the largest having...
What everyday item would you like to see made domestically? Having more electronic manufacturing in the USA would make...
What do you wish was easier to make and source in the USA? I would love to see more U.S.-made fabrics and textiles.
What American-made products are you tired of seeing? Anything that is cheaply made and isn’t thoughtfully designed,...
What’s your best seller? Our top-selling categories are jewelry, handbags, wooden toys, wooden bowls, ceramics, fused...
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