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The remodeling project for the 30-year-old Mock-dong 3 Danji Apt.


· LOCATION : Mokdong Apt. 3 Danji, Mok 5-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

· AREA : 160 sqm



Korea-based Starsis designed the interior of the 30-year-old Mock-dong 3 Danji Apt. in Seoul, Korea.

Some people might say that the market trend has shifted to online to offline, but many architectural and interior contracts are still made through networks. Competence should be prioritized in both fields and checking a studio’s competence via online market has an array of limitations.

Starsis would like to introduce the remodeling project for 50*-ho of Mock-dong 3 Danji Apt. which was open in September, 1986 and turned 30 this year. We fortunately started this project thanks to the request of our clients that we got to know in our previous project. The clients we met was a couple in their 40s to 50s and they requested us to design this place saying that they want to live together with their teenage son for a long time there.

As many people would know, old apartments have both strengths and weaknesses.
This place, the highest story in Mock-dong 3 Danji Apt., was an ordinary apartment which is around 2800mm tall before...
n addition, we added details with marble herringbone- patterned tiles to give stability.
A plastic drain was passing the ceiling.
To make the space look larger, we excluded unnecessary decorations and designed by deploying only essential elements.
To clearly express separation of spaces, we used black patterned-wood in the entrance of the living room and the...
Except for main spaces composing the apartment such as the bedroom, living room, and dining room, we used white paint...
The dining room table seen in the corridor.
The entrance seen in the corridor.
Fabric cushions on the wall to express coziness of the bedroom.
The grey-toned bathroom to lend stability on it.