The Ranch House

San Diego, California
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    A home developed for a growing family, this renovation was done in two parts. First, when the couple settled in to their 1954 "fixer-upper" after migrating west from New York, then an expansion when they discovered that, after years of trying, their family was expanding!
    Located in the San Diego coastal neighborhood of Ocean Beach, the residents said that after living in New York, "we wanted to live somewhere that was more specific to California."

    Owners Anthony and Eliza chose to work with Architect Francisco Garcia for his California-modern aesthetic and his first hand knowledge of construction techniques. The original single story home had great mid-century bones, but was outfitted with shag carpeting and a rotting kitchen floor. The shag was removed to reveal pretty decent wood floors, which they refinished and carried into the rest of the home. To fulfill the client's request for outdoor space (they're New York transplants after all), Garcia expanded the north and east facing decks re-purposing bricks and pavers to lay the outdoor spaces. The same sustainable design ethic was carried into the selection of other materials including scrap steel, recycled aluminum, plywood paneling, and extra floorboards as veneers.

    The single story space shows the original shape of the home and what was upgraded in the first remodel. The two story add on created space for children's rooms and a home office with a view.

    The second story home office features a dramatic angled wall with a motorized garage-door style window that can open up from the ground floor.

    Under the original shag carpeting that came with the 1954 home, there was beautiful wood flooring. The kitchen, dining, and living spaces were opened up to create a more interactive home environment.

    When the residents realized they were going to need more space, an addition was placed adjacent to the kitchen and dining area. Stairs lead to additional bedrooms and a second floor home office.

    The two story addition looks into the back yard from the playroom and upstairs office. The entire curved wall opens up with a motorized garage-door window.

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