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The Potential of Van Bo's 'One Square Meter House'


Designer Van Bo Le-Mentzel takes a philosophical approach to the small housing movement, devising plans for a portable living space that occupies just one square meter.

Originally from Laos, Van Bo Le-Mentzel came to Germany as a refugee and faced one of the most common problems that...
The struggle forced Le-Mentzel to think differently and his experiences helped him to craft this one-square-meter...
Le-Mentzel spent a lot of time on airplanes and drew inspiration from their space-efficient design.
While most of the house is straightforward, the spatial requirements for a bed necessitated a bit of spatial cleverness.
"I love things that can change their function simply by just skipping the perspective," Le-Mentzel says.
Being a tiny enclosure, Le-Mentzel’s design contradicts the somewhat pervasive American housing culture that says "the...
Aside from a bathroom, the most basic form of living is possible within the One-SQM-House, which has sparked a...
The schematics for the One-SQM-House are available at zero cost online if you fill out an informational ballot that...
Yes, One-SQM-House is tiny, but it's already being used in some parts of Europe.

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