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The Northcote House


Built in 2018, the breezy bungalow brings some California cool down under.

And now, a moment of serenity on the balcony upstairs.
A compact dining room acts as a focal point of the home, with easy access to the living room and pool.
For the Northcote house, versatility is key. A retractable divider can easily turn one room into two.
A cozy breakfast nook at the front of the house gets a glimmer of soft morning light.
"The importance of this outdoor connection was a very high priority for the clients," O'Brien explains.
Happy hour has never looked so good.
Cozy and warm, the main bedroom generously opens up to a private balcony on the north side.
A galley-style kitchen is tucked away at the side of the house, but accessible from the main living areas.
The outdoor patio and corridor give guests an impressive tour of the property grounds.
Vaulted ceilings and a built-in sofa turn the living room into a soothing sanctuary.
Australian firm Nest Architects drew inspiration from Palm Springs minimalism, California-style bungalows, and...
The suburban home sticks to a neutral, soothing color palette, but experiments with prints and textures.
A sunny, California aesthetic shines brightly in the outdoor patio.