The New Solids Style Guide by Winka Dubbeldam

There is a new interest in the body, in the solid, in massive forms. No longer minimal, light and thin, but full bodied, soft, glowing and sometimes transformative, these solids give us comfort, ground us, and wrap us in a soft embrace. They are not anonymous, cold and sleek, but they have character, identity, and make us smile. They are not overly serious, but yet often are a feat of great engineering, new material ecologies, and groundbreaking production methods. In short they stand for innovation.

Archi-Tectonics is an WBE office, and a design-research practice, that works on multiple scales spanning from cities, to buildings, to object design. We aim to achieve design efficiencies that express themselves in optimized modulations resulting in original shapes and innovative structures. Recently, Winka was named one of the 30 most exemplary professionals in their field by Design Intelligence 30 Most Admired Educators 2015, and Archi-Tectonics won an award for the Greenwich Building by “Built by Women New York City,” organized by the Beverly Willis Foundation and the AIANY [2015]. Wired Magazine included Archi-Tectonics’ Inscape as one of the best 25 projects worldwide for 2016.