Collection by Brandi Andres

The Midcentury Modern Homes of A. Quincy Jones


The designs of California architect A. Quincy Jones illustrate his status as a modern design icon. These tactful renovations reinterpret his homes for the present day.

A. Quincy Jones, Sidney F. and Frances Brody House, Los Angeles, California, 1948-51. Photograph by Jason Schmidt, 2012.
Buckner and Roberts both expressed admiration for Jones’s thoughtful details—including the sloping glass, angled...
The duo added custom redwood cabinetry on the dining area side. The pendants are from Birchwood Lighting.
Schneidman House and owner, Kristin MacDowell (MHA 301).
The dining area features a distinctive cinder block fireplace.
Gross House entrance (MHA 111).
A. Quincy Jones and Frederick E. Emmons, Architects. Milton S. Tyre House, Los Angeles, California, 1951-54.