Collection by Skylar Bergl

The Life Aquatic


Aquaponics, currently receiving funding on Kickstarter, looks to combine a fish tank and a sustainable garden all-in-one.

Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez left their jobs in favor of starting a project to help people grow their own food.
Five "net pods" float above the tank in a small pool of water.
Aside from being a great example of recycling materials, the design of the Aquaponics kit is remarkable.
"We went into this with no preconceptions of shape, size, or materials," Nikhil says.
The final product is small enough to sit on a kitchen counter without being an obstacle.
Ease of use is a driving force behind the design: not only do you not have to clean the tank, the only needed...
Designing the tank brought about a few extra challenges, Arora says.
Another perk is the connection it can have with children.
Aquaponics is up for funding on Kickstarter until December 15. If successfully funded, the tanks will reach consumers...

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