Collection by Kelsey Keith

The Hunt: Modern Trash Cans


Litter bin, trash receptacle, garbage can—there are many ways to say it, and many poor examples of the genre. Here we find a few examples that prove finding the perfect container for your trash isn't, ahem, a waste.

This design editor is a little obsessed with things trashy. Namely, she doesn't want to see or smell said trash, so it must be contained in a tidy area that's easy to empty. Other musts? Simple lines, easy to clean, a lid with a soft close, a sturdy foot pedal. And while stainless steel is certainly a thing as far as kitchens go, we have found that powder-coated metal resists smudging and fingerprints much better. After a recent European jaunt, in which we saw lots of amazing things while scoping out trash cans everywhere, we added a couple of entries to our list of acceptable receptacles.

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