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The Heidi


The Heidi is one of our customizable Couture styles, with a clean simple look, and heightened loft from gently curved arms and many thick layers of organic wool, this piece is one of the best choices for someone who really loves to sink in to their sofa.

This Heidi living room set is vibrant and exciting, especially with "Moss" cushions to contrast.
This beautiful Heidi was made with a custom wood base, stained to show the complex grain of the wood, elevating an...
Finished in IVN-certified full-life non-toxic leather, this Heidi sofa was built extra long, measuring at 100".
This custom Heidi sofa was built with the slightest curve to frame the client's seating space.
This Heidi armchair is the perfect place to settle in with the kids to read a book.
Pictured here in our all natural non-toxic Sequoia fabric, this "Soft Green" color has a really spectacular range of...