Collection by Ivane Soyombo

The Doors


A door is just a door…or is it? In a dream, a door may represent a new opening in your waking life. A locked door may represent a missed opportunity. From a fuchsia, Spanish-style door to its more modern sliding-glass counterpart, we’ve collected some of the most distinctive doors from homes featured in Dwell.

Gray-purple iron railings, a fuchsia and green wooden entry, and garage doors provide contrast to the white walls of...
Conceived as a glass wall or window that could swing open rather than a typical door, the resulting glass-and-metal...
The house is entered through a Visteon steel door by Neoporte, who also provided the solid core birch interior doors.
Ewing’s builder, John Lane, used a front-end loader to stack slabs of Indiana limestone for the house’s front steps.
The bright red front door forms a complete piece with the glass panel beside it, such that the entire piece pivots when...
The living room utilizes Eames lounges and a B&B Italia sofa to create a spare but comfortable environment.