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The Dogs of Dwell


Is the modernist's perfect companion a fluffy pooch? For the residents of these 15 homes—spanning a renovated farmhouse in the Italian countryside to a Chicago loft filled with epicurean delights—the answer is a resounding "yes." Just for fun, we've rounded up our favorite four-legged friends gracing the pages of Dwell.

Keeping the home cozy in winter is as easy as snuggling up near the Rais stove or the fluffy pooch.
Two pieces from E15’s Shiraz sofa flank...
The architect placed the windows at Sabrina’s eye level so that she’d be able to see her son, Rocco, playing in the...
Located just off the kitchen, this room was originally designed for dining—the adjustable Ligne Roset Crescendo coffee...
In the DoghousePaul and Shoko's dog, Mei, has lucked into a small prefab home of her own.
Though the front of this 1880s home in Adelaide, Australia, maintains a traditional facade due to strict heritage laws,...
All of the glazing along the house’s 95-foot-long western elevation can be opened to the out of doors.
Pork Chop, the dog, has plenty of comfortable places to nap between meals.
Sparano works in the dining area, where books about travel, architecture, and food, as well as framed architectural...
Auburn 7 developer and resident Michael Kyle hangs with his dog Moxy in the front yard of the unit owned by his...
A Dine family portrait in front of the loft clubhouse Nick and Vanessa built for their daughters.
For the duo of young architects behind the firm Atherton Keener, the harsh, ever-changing light of Phoenix, Arizona,...
Dunlop demonstrates the deck’s secondary use: as a launching pad into the concrete plunge pool on the first floor.
The outdoor hearth is primed for cooking in the summer.
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