Collection by Tyler Massas

Cat's Cradle Chair - Lumber Ecstasy


In December of 2015, I determined a course for designing the Les Paul of chairs—soulful, lusty, and purposeful. Ten unique surf-inspired prototypes later, serial number 001 was completed on November 18, 2016 and is the very first production model.

I introduce the CAT'S CRADLE.

Lumbar-ecstasy is descending into the palm of rope fretwork, a flawless, glove-like, suspension mesh that precisely hammocks your distinct contours. This cozy mitt delivers an extraordinary level of soothing relief compared to typical chairs.

Each unique timber frame is created by chairbler Tyler Massas on a ranch buried in the vineyards of wine country, Temecula, California. Built to last a thousand years, these rock star thrones are hand sculpted and custom built to order. Available in four species, Walnut, Pecan, White Oak, and Zebrawood.

Interested in a lifelong relationship with a honed, refined bit of Mother Earth? These original one-of-a-kind chairs are priced between $3,200 - $5,200, based on wood species and customization.

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