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The Benefits Provided by Apartment Accommodation


Opting for <a href="">a... accommodation</a> over hotels is a growing trend among holiday goers travelling to Melbourne. This pattern stems from the huge number of benefits that accompany this form of lodgings, including the cost-effectiveness of renting one for more than four nights, the available amenities, and the many other conveniences they offer.


At face value, hotels are cheaper than apartments in Melbourne. However, when you factor in the additional costs that come with staying in a hotel, it’s clear that apartments become cheaper. When staying in a hotel, you will have no choice but to eat dinner out every night, which is a cost that can add up very quickly. Hotels also require you to pay for any products removed from the mini bar. In apartment accommodation, you can buy your own groceries and prepare meals in the comfort of your own kitchen area. Not only will you save money on food, but many places also offer flexible rates for a longer stay.

Great Amenities

The amenities available in apartment accommodation far exceed those available in a hotel room. A hotel room will contain, at most, a kettle and tea making facilities along with a bar fridge filled with snacks and drinks that need to be paid for. Within a serviced apartment, the kitchen facilities vary, but you will usually be able to prepare a meal without too much hassle. Along with the comfort of home cooked food, you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of entertainment. Most of these apartments come equipped with televisions, DVDs, and occasionally even a subscription service. You can also expect to receive free Wi-Fi at both hotels and apartment accommodation around Melbourne.

Other Conveniences

The additional space that you’ll find in an apartment is incomparable. Rather than coming back to a cramped hotel room where you may be forced to sit on the bed as there’s no room to do anything anywhere else, you’ll find all the luxuries of your own home in apartment accommodation. Come back from a day of sightseeing around Melbourne and lay back on the couch with the television on, before getting started on a nice, home cooked meal.
Often, apartment accommodation allows for a small laundry. This is an ideal feature for those travelling to Melbourne as a family. Children are prone to spilling things on their clothes or creating mess from nothing. Having your own washing facilities and a spacious area removes a lot of the stress that comes with travelling with kids!

On top of this, apartments offer an element of privacy from the rest of the family that cannot be found in a hotel room. Holidaying in a hotel room can force you to almost live on top of each other and head to the bathroom every time you need to get changed or require a small amount of privacy. This is not ideal when travelling with more than two people, whether as a family or a group of friends.

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