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The 2020 Minimalist Gift Guide


This year I've curated thoughtful, well-designed items selected to remind you to delight in the everyday simple pleasures that life affords:

THE 2020 MINIMALIST GIFT GUIDE Once again, it’s time for my annual Minimalist Gift Guide.
BELLROY / APEX SLIM SLEEVE Bellroy makes incredible products.
BELLROY / APEX PASSPORT COVER The Apex Passport Cover is similar to the wallet in its elegance and design.
WESN / BLACKED OUT Having a utility knife handy is essential.
MISSION WORKSHOP / THE DRIFT SF-based Mission Workshop makes some incredible gear that is minimal, durable, stylish,...
MAURÈLE DATUM NOTEPAD & LEATHER SLEEVE I came across Maurèle last Winter and I’ve had delightful email correspondence...
ITO BINDERY Hailing from Japan, ITO BINDERY makes incredible paper products by hand.
LAMY PICO Every creative practitioner needs a well-built, beautiful writing instrument.
APPLE iPHONE 12 MINI Given the expansion of big tech over the last several years, I’m leery of recommending mainstream...
REMARKABLE 2 reMarkable 2 lives up to its name in every possible way. It is the perfect writing/connected/smart tablet.
JARVIS PLY STANDING DESK Fully's signature piece is their Jarvis Standing Desk (reviewed in Designer Ply).
KNOLL REGENERATION DESK CHAIR If you are looking for a well-designed affordable task chair, then I would recommend the...