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Terunobu Fujimori at RMIT


Easily the best stumbled-upon finds of my trip to Melbourne, Australia, was the Black Teahouse, a small structure installed at the RMIT Gallery by Terunobu Fujimori and Jun Sakaguchi. I first came across Fujimori when we did a story on him for the magazine several months back, and since then I have wanted very much to visit one of his buildings. Just my luck that Fujimori had recently been in town and the students at RMIT constructed this exemplar of his work in conjunction with the exhibit Shelter: On Kindness. Check out the slideshow to see more. Photos by Jason Gec and me.

Here's a full shot of the Black Teahouse, a roughly 20-foot-high structure presently installed in the gallery at RMIT...
RMIT student Jason Gec took this photo of me sitting inside Terunobu Fujimori and Jun Sakaguchi's Black Teahouse from...
Easily the strangest detail in the funny little place is this window planting of moss and asparagus.
All the charred wood that makes up the exterior of the building was harvested from the devastating fires Australia...
Climbing into the Black Teahouse wasn't easy.
Jason Gec is a third-year student at RMIT and helped in the construction of the Black Teahouse.
I could not resist asking Jason to take a picture of me through the teahouse's little window over the top of the mossy...
This blueprint gives the best idea of what the finished structure should look like.
There were three blueprints on the wall next to the Black Teahouse, but this third one was my favorite.
Though there is a small chimney over the hearth, this skylight allows the only undappled light to penetrate the porous...
Glimpsing a tea drinker framed by the small window, me in this case, is easily one of the best views of this charming...
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