Collection by Andrea Smith

Temporary Retreats


Take a look at these seven trailers and houseboats, each a modern testament to small space living and active lifestyles.

Finney is an architect as well as a former habitation module designer at NASA, where he mocked up rest-eat-sleep spaces...
In the living room, there is an iron fireplace by Danish manufacturer Aduro.
Katrina Manzo explains the pair’s 44-square-foot mobile prototype as “both reductive and luxurious.” Its automotive...
Capdevila notes that after living in it for five years, the house has required zero maintenence updates.
The Leaf House is a lightweight, mobile trailer that was carefully engineered to weigh less than 5,000 pounds.
Prague’s Atelier SAD designed the floating Port X concept to have a curved roof, recalling the hull of a ship.
By reducing the bedroom to its essentials and filling it with windows, the El Cosmico staff has made this small space...