Collection by Zach Klein

Takes on the Modern Farmhouse


From the Wizard of Oz to Clark Kent in Smallville, there's a special place for the farmhouse in the American psyche. It only make sense that these intrepid homeowners would create their own vision for the "modern farmhouse."

“The main volume presents a traditional front and is wrapped on the west and south by a deep porch,” says architect...
Located in Springfield, Missouri, this modern farmhouse designed by Kansas-City based firm Hufft Projects exudes the...
"We wanted something lively for the house, something spectacular but not vulgar," says Bériault of the blue hue of the...
Tom Givone’s clients, Rose and Steve Smith, teach overseas and have owned their house for 26 years.
You may think that an existing or historic home—known for its drafty windows, old-fashioned mechanical systems, and...
The long gangplank of a deck runs right out into the fields, a fact that Treanor relishes.
Nestled in two and a half acres of land near Boone, North Carolina, Chad Everhart renovates an old farmhouse and turns...
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