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The bedroom has no wall to divide it from the rest of the building; blackout curtains can shut out the light entirely.
The roof terrace offers a view of the town square, “filtered” through a grille.
The ever-changing daylight, plus the use of curtains and lighting options, means that Ahlgren and Lökaas enjoy a...
The office, which is a single-level separate unit, boasts Ikea desks and a signed work by Gilbert and George (friends...
The view from the kitchen is as lively as it is light, taking in the dining area, tiny courtyard garden, and the...
As you ascend towards the roof, the house becomes increasingly transparent.
Three thin slabs have been staggered vertically through the space to create three distinct floors and allow light to...
Next to the bathroom and above the living room, the terrace is open to sky, street, and the house itself.
The living room has a close-up street view and abundant natural light.