The Mix Is Modern by Susan Greenleaf

With travel as a major influence in my work, my goal with all client projects is to integrate ethnic finds with both vintage modern and traditional pieces to create spaces that have soul and texture, avoiding anything that feels too "cookie-cutter." I am inspired by everything from Danish furniture of the '50s-'60s, much-loved French antiques, Moroccan and Turkish textiles, and of course, all forms of art including painting, photography, or sculpture. The secret ingredient to any interesting home is the addition of juxtaposition— adding a degree of tension to create spaces that are not only sophisticated and refined, but also youthful and energetic.

Cover photo by Bess Friday

Susan Greenleaf launched Greenleaf Design Studio seven years ago after having studied Interior Design while living in London with her husband and twins. With a unique point-of-view, Susan works with a variety of clients on both small and large-scale residential projects on both the East and West Coasts.