Collection by Luke Hopping

Surprisingly Colorful Bathrooms


These bathrooms forgo neutral-only palettes in favor of something a little more splashy.

In the bathroom, the home’s epoxy floor transitions from whitish gray to submarine yellow.
Uncovering the original concrete surfacing of the columns, which are unusually thick thanks to the building’s original...
Eddy Uritani (or Uncle Eddy, as he’s known to Zane) did all the tile work in the kitchen and bathroom.
The Heath tiles in the bathroom were hand-selected from boxes of factory seconds.
The Trzebiatowskis’ bathroom retains the spirit of Arizona heat with its shocking magenta ceilings, floors, and walls.
“The bathrooms were conceived as special spaces,” Vázquez says.
In the foyer, Deam left one surprise: The neon-pink guest bathroom is hidden behind heavy, dark-gray walls.
This bathroom, tiled in bright blue mosaic to offset the home’s limited materials and color palette, calls for a simple...
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