Collection by Allie Weiss

Surprising Rear Facades


With traditional front facades, these renovated homes tell a totally different story in the rear.

“Sustainability is very important to us,” lead architect Heather Dubbeldam says.
The bungalow had beautiful bones but some major problems, including a poorly designed addition to the back that had to...
The modern addition sits on a concrete platform that extends past the house’s envelope, creating welcoming patios on...
A steel-framed, bi-fold door system by Skyrange Engineering separates the edge of the house from the outdoor area.
The addition’s two stories of cedar-framed sliding doors and window provide generous views of the house’s prized...
Though the front of this 1880s home in Adelaide, Australia, maintains a traditional facade due to strict heritage laws,...
The architects cut away a section of the second floor to make room for a patio.

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