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Surf Shack

Fir slats on the wall and ceiling run through to the outdoors, visually expanding the space.
Eames Wire Chairs, cushioned with custom pads, surround a dining table designed by Bolander.
The sofa and lights in the open-plan living, dining, and kitchen area are vintage.
Wright and Keffer (standing) hang out on their deck with Bolander, who lives just across the road.
In such a small space “you have to organize, and every piece takes a decision,” says resident Heidi Wright.
Bolander designed the custom steel desk where Wright works, as well as the bedside table, fashioned from a speaker...
A colorful, laminate-clad wall of storage stretches seamlessly from the kitchen—where it holds a full-size built-in...
This High-Flying Home Tackles a Sharp Slope
Working with a limited footprint, a daunting slope, and killer views, architect Bruce Bolander went vertical with a secluded...