Collection by Erika Heet

Super Skinny Houses


When life gives you lot restrictions, make it slender. The architects and homeowners behind the following buildings found clever ways to make the most of tiny footprints and other challenges.

Inspired by Sydney Opera House, Maynard, and Austin paid careful attention to the extension’s “fifth elevation"—the way...
The compact 712-square-foot cottage sits on top of a 430-square-foot workshop, where Baker’s firm prototypes and...
The POD INDAWO prototype prefab home from South Africa—the name comes from an indigenous word for place—offers a...
The glass-enclosed master bedroom floats above the corrugated, oxidized steel exterior.
Storey calls this house the “Eel’s Nest,” after the narrow urban properties that go by that name in Japan.
Architect Ernesto Bedmar had previously converted an unused alley into a loft.