Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

Sunset District Renovation


The residents of atelier KS's first renovation like stuff. When the couple, who lives in San Francisco's Sunset District, first invited the husband-wife design team to their home, the garage they wished to remodel was filled to the brim. "Our jaws just dropped open," Kelli Franz, the "K" of atelier KS, remembers. "We could hardly move in the space." Seth Pare-Mayer, Franz's personal and professional other half, says, "I wondered how we would measure the space." Still, the duo were able to transform the 1,000 square feet into a 500-square-foot garage and a 500-square-foot living space filled with all of the residents' wants: study, family room, guest bedroom, bathroom with a shower, laundry room, and storage space.

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Before founding atelier KS in the fall of 2008, Franz and Pare-Mayer both worked for accomplished San Francisco...
Homes in San Francisco's Sunset District, where this is located, are almost all two-story houses in which the first...
The garage before renovation. "Our jaws just dropped open," Franz remembers.
Franz and Pare-Mayer left the front half of the garage as a car park and went to work on the rear 500-square-foot space.
To avoid creating a "cave-like space," the designers inserted a ten-foot-by-four-foot skylight into the ceiling above...
Before the renovation, the only access to the backyard was through the garage, which was not an easy journey to make.
The finished stair.
Because of cost constraints, Franz and Pare-Mayer were unable to alter the existing structure, so they designed...
Franz and Pare-Mayer originally planned to fill the rear wall with a single window, but they had to change course due...
The biggest challenge of this project was cleaning out the space, Franz says.
Across from the sofa and recessed into the wall is the television and media center.
The designers hired a carpenter friend to craft all of the built-ins and cabinetry.
Franz and Pare-Mayer's carpenter paid painstaking attention to detail, aligning the wood grains from cabinet door to...