Collection by Megan Hamaker

Sunlit Rooms We Love


There's nothing like waking up on a lazy Sunday morning, grabbing a cup of coffee and your favorite reading material, and heading to the sunniest room in the house to sip and relax in the natural light. The homeowners featured here have made architectural design decisions to create just such light-filled spaces in their homes. Click through for design inspiration or simply to daydream about that perfect Sunday morning in the sun.

Alex enjoys a sun-filled breakfast at the built-in dining table and bench, one of many space-saving designs.
A few carefully chosen furnishings punctuate the light-filled living area that sits adjacent to the kitchen, like...
French doors in the living room let light into the kitchen and open onto a lovely garden.
In the light-filled bedroom is a vintage teak coffee table and a Danish modern floating bed.
New Kid on the...
A loveseat and two Neo arm chairs by Niels Bendtsen in the living room offer Blauvelt a light-filled view to the...