Collection by Steinunn Jonsdottir


In the living room, spare Scandinavian design takes center stage.
The new cabins reduce the key form of the Cape Cod–style structures found on the campus.
Utilized year-round, the 225-square-foot cabin opens up to the surrounding countryside via parallel glass walls on...
Each bedroom is designed to replicated a mini house, and follows the roof's pitch. A skylight lets in light.
To complement the white-washed custom cabinetry in her kitchen, architect Julie Salles Schaffer designed a tile...
The units don't even require foundations—simple ground screws from Krinner are enough to support them.
The home also extends into outdoor panoramas, even—and especially—from the ground floor, where a westward-facing deck...
The modest entry to the cottage opens up to steeply angled ceilings for dramatic spatial effect.
A perpendicular walkway leads right to the garage and laundry areas.
Since Copenhagen is generally cold, the house was painted black to trap warmth.
Open and inviting, the addition enables a fluid indoor-outdoor connection that didn’t exist before.
"It only cost about $48,000 to build, which was incredibly cheap," says Turner of the Stealth Barn.
Light breaks through the bedroom's north wall through a vertical window that cuts from the floor up past the second...
“We did our best to tuck the buildings into the site—the goal was to get up high on a perch.
A section of the roof reaches over a rock outcropping—a detail that visually connects the house to the landscape and...
superrkül dubbed this project the Stealth Cabin because it's hidden in the landscape and will continue to recede in...
The bedroom is to the immediate right of the entrance; the architects selected plywood for interior surfacing for the...
The 1950s desk in the office is from the original house; the chair is by Aksel, a Norwegian furniture company.
The 1,500-square-foot cabin merges traditional and modern, and the couple's mutual desire to balance comfort with the...
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