Collection by Marianne Colahan

Summer Toys for Kids


Encourage well-designed outdoor playtime with these picks from the Dwell Store. Featuring multipurpose toys from Kid O, an Adirondack chair in a rainbow of colors, and an inspired kite, this product assortment will keep kids happy this summer from the backyard to the beach.

Kid O’s Ballo Water Bucket is a fresh take on a fetching a pail of water.
The Stack and Nest Toy from Kid O is a versatile piece that can be used to build, fill with water or sand, and nest...
Designed to echo the style of an adult Adirondack Chair, the Kid’s Adirondack from Loll Designs is perfectly fit for a...
The Triplet Toy from Kid O is a shovel, sifter, and rake, all in one.
The Sailing Ship Kite from Brooklyn–based Haptic Lab is an eye-catching, handmade kite inspired by historic sailing...