Collection by Diana Budds

Stylish Modern Housewares and Accessories from Makr


Makr, a company based in Winter Park, Florida, offers an array of minimalist wares that we're itching to own. Jason Gregory is at the helm of the seven-person company and personally does all of the design work and creates all of the patterns for the products, which include wallets, bags, chairs, shelves, and more. "The reason I make things is because of the process," he says, "finding out ways to put things together and the enjoyment of turning something flat into something dimensional." Makr manufactures all of its products in Florida (except for its journals, which are produced elsewhere in the South) and produces its small items—like leather goods—in its 3,000-square-foot workshop. Larger items are outsourced to local manufacturers due to the ability to work in small batches, the flexibility to modify and tweak a design, and the convenience in working with another company face-to-face, all of the . "It's not about a 'local' bandwagon movement," Gregory says about his decision to stay in-state. "It's because I can go to a place and discuss want to accomplish. We often work with older fabricators and try to get them to do something design driven."

Fold Weekender, $135.
Organizer Pouch A, $120.
Copper tumblers, from $32 each.
Magazine rack, $400.
Powder coated metal shelf, $160.
Plant Ring, $48.
Fixed Studio Work Stool, $385.