Collection by Zachary Edelson

Stunning Stairs


Stairs can be very sculptural, so long as they still support resident's footsteps (and abide by basic construction codes). Check out these 6 absolutely unique stair designs.

The dramatic staircase in architect Dom Dimster’s Southern California home is made from T- and L-profile steel, shelf...
Argentinean materials, a roiling economy, and a pinch of personal tumult served as the recipe for furniture designer...
The second Jean Nouvel-inspired staircase lives outside, clinging to the side of the house and leading up to the roof...
The house’s central staircase is encased in oak paneling, which brings added warmth and texture to the ground floor.
Caryn was thrilled to discover that all her personal details look spectacular when offset against the solemnity of...
The staircase leads to the living area upstairs.

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