Collection by Heather Corcoran

Studio Visit: Gaetano Pesce


Inside the Brooklyn studio of a master of material.

Decade's worth of work, including a pink resin portrait and his famous handmade exhibition invitations, hang over the...
Gaetano Pesce sits in his Brooklyn Navy Yard studio, surrounded by decades worth of work.
The studio buzzes with activity as assistants and artisans work from plans drawn by Gaetano Pesce.
A work in progress in the studio: a cabinet based on the female form.
An artisan shows the life-size drawing that Gaetano Pesce created for an in-progress cabinet design.
A pair of sunglass sketches hangs above the doorway.
Models of every shape and scale imaginable fill nearly all the surfaces of Gaetano Pesce's Brooklyn Navy Yard studio.
Gaetano Pesce's career spans architecture, art, and design.
Museum-quality pieces like this resin chair and Mantegna cabinet are put to use in the studio as if they were ordinary...
A career's worth of cabinets fill in the studio.
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