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Studio One Eleven: Orange County Great Park Community Centers


Architecture, urbanism and landscape-design firm Studio One Eleven has unveiled stylish and imaginative community centers at the Orange County Great Park masterplan. The recently opened spaces are in four of the 10 neighborhoods emerging at the 1,300-acre Great Park, one of the largest urban masterplans in the U.S. They go beyond traditional amenities to include innovative indoor-outdoor environments including: chef’s kitchen, coffee house, art centers, greenhouse, co-working zones, rooftop terrace, and amphitheater, as well as outdoor rooms and plazas.

“Inspired by the vast canvas of the Great Park, we crafted multiple, artful experiences for its new residents,” said Studio One Eleven Founding Principal Alan Pullman, AIA. ”These spaces embrace the ways people want to live together, fulfilling their needs for creativity and togetherness, with elevated and appealing designs.”

Studio One Eleven served as architect for the community buildings, collaborating with FivePoint, the developer of the Orange County Great Park, and BrightView, the landscape architect for the Orange County Great Park.

“Even through the current quarantine, Studio One Eleven continues to design places for communities to gather. It’s in our nature to be social, and we will want, and need these spaces in the future more than ever," said Pullman.

The contemporary, living room-like Grand Home at Novel Park, with pendant lamps, fireplace and television.
The Living Room at Parasol Park.
Public spaces and pine tree at Parasol Park.
The Performing Arts building at Cadence Park.
Collapsing glass doors slide open at Cadence Park’s Visual Arts building.
The literary arts building at Cadence Park.
Entry to the arts node at Cadence Park.
The Garage at Novel Park, with vintage motorcycle.
Cup coffee house at Novel Park.
Rooftop terrace at Novel Park.