Collection by Zachary Edelson

Strikingly Simple Workspaces


Desks are a magnet for clutter: mail, magazines, paperwork, post-it notes, and almost any other physical media. But at least these seven workspaces will retain their clean, simple design underneath the accumulation.

Materials and craft play a significant role inside and out.
The origami-like desktop unfolds to reveal a perforated-steel divider that allows the passage of computer cables hidden...
Bright yellow and purple paints were used to add some vibrancy to the daughter’s desk area, one of the ways the...
“The third floor was a brilliant second or rather third conversation that D’Arcy sketched out in minutes,” Waddell says...
From the office, a high window frames a view of the Moumings’ fields.
Outfitted with Pollock desk chairs and a marble-topped conference table by Knoll, the office in Monory’s French...
Unlike the ornate exterior, there wasn’t much interior detail left to reuse—but the Berniers did their best.