Collection by Zachary Edelson

Striking Modern Promenades and Walkways


The very word "promenade" has a whiff of European historicism, however, its premise is simple: shouldn't it be easy to leave your home and take a stroll into nature? These five dwellings maximize their beautiful settings and get their residents into the outdoors.

The exterior view of the Douglas House stepped walkway that extends over the surrounding trees.
Michael McCarthy and Marcia Myers on the exterior promenade.
When building such a modest structure in a large landscape, designer and client often had to defend their vision to...
The long gangplank of a deck runs right out into the fields, a fact that Treanor relishes.
A promenade, playfully dubbed “the wharf,” offers a spot to catch morning rays.
The trellis—made of a solid steel base and aluminum rods—modulates the daylight streaming into the house.
The interior staircase spirals around the center of the home, in a “promenade architecturale” connecting each level.