Collection by Zachary Edelson

Striking Courtyards We Love


Whether creating a dramatic entrance or punctuating a plan, courtyards blur the barrier between mother nature and domestic space.

The living area opens beautifully into the outdoor area, which is a key design element of Eichler homes.
After entering through the front door, visitors pass over the large koi pond on a cast-concrete footbridge chiseled to...
The house is organized around three courtyards.
Wooden beams extend beyond the structure to create shading trellises for the terraces at the front and the back.
Along the entire west side of the house, a lush courtyard creates private exterior space that can be enjoyed during...
With its expansive, geometric design and wide concrete-slab walkways, the enclosed central courtyard around which the...
The house’s new lime plaster walls, seen here in the courtyard, contrast with the old brick wall that divides the house...