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The chair is the pinnacle piece of human creation as it holds our form and raises us off the ground, a sign of our movement form simple cave dwellers to the people we are today. But in most cases in nature we revert back to our humble beginnings by sitting on the ground. This can be seen as a form of escapism from our built environment, with all our tools and technology, but since the modern human (homo sapiens sapiens) was born with tool in hand there is no such thing as a tool free humanity. It is human nature to create tools or aids, an existence without this would not be a human existence.

With this in mind I wanted to create something that was symbol for our human nature to create new tools or aids. The natural world is not safe from our ‘human’ nature to populate it with man made objects. Stray is such an object, it challenges our assumptions about furniture and seating. Imagining a new object type and tapping into our curious nature.

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