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Kids Rooms


A few well-designed storage ideas that we love.

The kids, Archie, Linus, and Olive, stand in the kitchen, beneath the strand board–clad stairwell that leads to the...
Kidsergo stool by Alan Heller, $75 at Alan Heller's ergonomic seat, which promotes posture and balance,...
More custom bookshelves in an upstairs sitting room, cleverly inserted into the villa's extant niches.
In addition to a swing, Cal's room features Maija & Kristina Isola's Sola bedding for Marimekko.
Playsam Saab Roadster, $500 at the Dwell Store The retro-styled ride-on car features Playsam’s signature shine,...
Upstairs, each daughter’s bedroom was designed as a sanctuary, with cozy touches like Simon Key Bertman quilts and...
Magid selected lively Whitby wallpaper by Mini Moderns for Linus’s room, along with Oeuf’s Perch bunk bed.
Built-in shelves and a changing table by Ducduc in Hawk’s room offer ample storage.
"We've always been conscious of the environment, but after becoming parents, we realized even more that it's our...
A copper mobile by JF Jones hangs over a Leander crib and a vintage Moroccan rag rug in the nursery.
Swoop Bags are modern toy storage bags that make cleaning up small toys like Lego bricks easy simple and fun.
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