Collection by Eujin Rhee

Stone Cold Foxes


Concrete: Franco-Swiss architect Le Corbusier utilized the material to build the famous Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, France. The historic Tower Bridge in London contains over 70,000 tons of it. And there's even a Tumblr that exclusively features those gray beauties. From a stackable bowl to a modular home in Ecuador, here are ten buildings and objects that are only getting stronger with age.

The sculptural Arc Table designed by Foster and Partners for Molteni & C consists of a solid base of cement and fiber...
Once past the main threshold, the house opens up to the outside, literally and figuratively.
This blocky, modernist Beton Concrete Lamp is designed by Matthias Kothe for Komat and handcrafted in Germany.
Louis Kahn’s Salk Institute (top left) is a stunning building that looks directly out to the sea.
These Stacking Concrete Pots by Culinarium are cast in a hand made mould, hand burnished and smoothly finished.
Frequent Dwell photographer Roger Davies snapped this concrete block dream of a house, equipped with its very own pool.
These super absorbent and stain-resistant Hexagon Coasters by Culinarium have a unique patina and durability found in...
This concrete house gets plenty of breathing room, thanks to its retractable windows.
1. Concrete shaving kit by Lovisa Wattman for Iris Hantwerk.
A Philippe Starck standing lamp and an Eames chaise longue bracket the living room; two Lawrence Weiner prints hang...