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A basic box that’s as tall as it is wide (28 feet) and 16 feet long, this Portland, Oregon house consists of rooms stacked vertically: an unfinished basement on the bottom, a kitchen-living area and a bathroom in the middle, and a bedroom on top, with the stairwell hinged onto the front of the home. The only interior doors are those to the bathroom, basement, and root cellar, leaving the rest of the space open and unfettered. At just 704 square feet, Katherine Bovee and Matt Kirkpatrick's home is a great lesson in making the most out of every inch. Click here to see the interior. Tagged: Exterior, House, Flat RoofLine, Tiny Home Building Type, Wood Siding Material, and Small Home Building Type.  Stocking Stuffer Homes: Small, Mighty, and Under 1,000 Square Feet by Kelsey Keith from It's Hip to Be Square
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