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Stockholm Design Week 2011


We've been covering the 2011 Stockholm Furniture Fair for the past week, delving into everything from the heavy hitters on the main show floor to the promising young designers debuting prototypes in the Greenhouse. But one can't forget how important it is to soak up what's happening at satellite events around the city, where the creative types gather in the evening to have a drink or four, toast both the powerhouses and the rising stars, and just blow off steam from a day of meetings. Here we present a few images from the week.

To see images from Stockholm Design Week, please visit the slideshow.

One of the most talked-about events was the temporary, invitation-only exhibit 20 Designers at Biologiska, at the...
The trio of young curators hand-selected twenty of their favorite designers and invited them to display their pieces...
The Biologika Museet is almost a Guggenheim in Bavarian-inspired miniature—the exhibition space winds around the...
A standout in the exhibition—engraved glass works by Berlin–based designer Mark Braun.
Pieces by Fredrik Färg, whose surname actually means 'color' or 'paint' in Swedish.
Two of the three curators of 20 Designers, Emma Marga Blanche and Fredrik Färg, were also in attendance later in the...
The Design House Stockholm party was one of the best attended, with the company's CEO, Anders Färdig, playing emcee.
Designer Alexander Lervik, who created the Light Bar on the show floor at the furniture fair.
Next stop: Swedese, a company that works with international designers but manufactures everything in Sweden.
The Ivy bookshelf, one of Swedese's latest introductions, by Thomas Bernstrand.
Another new introduction this week—the "stackable for days" Spin table, designed by Staffan Holm.
Next stop: Asplund.
Thomas Asplund enlisted Italian designer Paola Navone to re-issue her Log 99 stool, in white, to be sold exclusively at...
Couldn't resist—Monkey, by Kaj Bojesen, created for Rosendahl in 1951.
British pop duo The...
Among those in the audience (and among the designers celebrated that evening): Sebastian Wrong, of Established & Sons.
Later, at Blå Stationen—where they served an amazing herring-in-cream dish with potatoes and bacon that's a...
We end with one of the guests of honor at the NK Inredning party, Spanish designer Jaime Hayón, who unveiled a whole...

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