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Stealthy Modern Cabin in Ontario


Toronto architecture firm superkül applies creative green thinking and a Canadian love of timber to an affordable modern cabin in the woods.

Sited on a lake near Bracebridge, Ontario, this small-footprint family cottage was designed by Toronto firm superkül to...
Using wood as the primary building material imbues an aesthetic warmth to the structure.
Material continuity speaks to both minimalist modernism and to simplifying costs: Cedar was used throughout, on the...
The cabin was designed so that the north half can be closed off when not in use to reduce energy consumption.
The 1,500-square-foot cabin merges traditional and modern, and the couple's mutual desire to balance comfort with the...
Bunk beds keep the sleeping arrangements flexible and low-key, like any good cabin should.
Walls and ceilings fold like origami, sheltering the interior with tent-like flaps.
As the untreated cedar boards and shakes weather and bleach out over time, the cottage will blend further into its...
superrkül dubbed this project the Stealth Cabin because it's hidden in the landscape and will continue to recede in...
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