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“STARSIS” located in Korea designed Third Position Café in which visitors can feel the image of a ballerina.


A design company located in Seoul, Korea, Starsis, remodeled an old building with a height of 11m and the interior space of 183sqm. For the client who dreamed of the best ballerina in the world, we made a delicate approach to the whole space using items, graphics, and furniture which remind visitors of ballet and completed the “Third Position Café” project just for one person.

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The structure with dark red color was thrown away when the building right next to this building was demolished.
Since almost every part of the café such as the furniture, wall, ceiling, and items are achromatic, the space might...
Only a steel frame was added on the stair to the second floor and other parts show the building as it was.
A wide space was created so that many people can use it. The tables here are made of deserted steel structures in the...
It is a picture drawn by the designer in charge of this place, Hyunhee Park.
It is a set of a sofa and a table that seems to have been used in 19C England.
This is the ballet shoes that the client who dreamed of becoming a ballerina when she was young wore in her childhood.
Looking closely into Third Position Café, small sculptures can be seen.
Small items for ballerina which embrace the love for ballet can be easily found in this place.