Collection by David Silverberg


The stairs are coated in orange lacquer.
The stairs are partically hidden behind a slatted ash screen that supports steel bookshelves.
Six staircases, many open to outside light, serve as pathways between the private interior spaces.
The finished stair. Franz and Pare-Mayer also took advantage of the light from the skylight to brighten the bathroom:…
Floating stairs to the boardroom are framed by over forty porcelain '21' pendants by Bocci.
Imai House by Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates Sasaki also loosened up the potentially confining space with an excess of…
Briggs and Knowles’s elegant staircase draws upon the language of the oculus; the stairs are underlit with fluorescent…
#designmilk #office #renovation #ghislaine #vinas Photo by Garrett Rowland
A surreal floating staircase, offset by a pear-colored accent wall, descends to the lower level.
"I always wanted to have my very own yellow brick road," says Viviana de Loera, whose favorite part of the home is the…
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