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The new volume houses the dining area, which includes stairs to the bedrooms.
"We composed the house to have its highest, brightest space in the middle," says Paul Raff.
The spatial drama on the interior comes from the staircase and tatami room upstairs.
In a former shipping and receiving room, Kidd's design-builder Eric Wolf inserted a custom-crafted freestanding stair.
"When it's time to put our noses to the grind stone and produce work, we head upstairs," Benson says.
The original leather sofa introduces an additional texture to the living room, and loud wallpaper brings a splash of...
A rare interior hallway space is made and furnished almost entirely with reclaimed materials.
The architects divided the home into separate floors for sleeping, living, and working.
White-oak stairs connect the first-floor living spaces with the upstairs sleeping areas.
The stairs feature a geometric pattern of holes generated by a software script that allows rain to slip through to the...
Floating stairs to the boardroom are framed by over forty porcelain '21' pendants by Bocci.