Collection by Casey Tiedman


view of the window wall and stair in the double-height front entry, custom light by Larissa...
new open riser stair, custom fabricated steel and perforated...
“The staircase is the hub, the soul of the project,” Rogers says.
The ground floor is a music room with a kind of blue vibe, thanks to the Richard Woods flooring.
Ab Rogers dons a bold suit that suits the spirit of the accompanying decor he designed.
A detail shot of the stair, which spirals up and down throughout the house.
The second-floor family room is fronted by an L-shaped staircase with an opaque guardrail that provides some privacy...
A couple enlist Butler Armsden Architects and Leverone Design to reimagine their home as a multigenerational meeting...
The unusual layout of René Roupinian’s Upper West Side home is what initially attracted her to the space, but the...
Zames carved out a small custom office area under the stairs that lead up to the roof.
What was an old barn is now a posh little country bar. The juxtaposition of exterior vs interior is unexpected.
In the family room, cabinets open up to create an office desk.
The industrial stair leads to the upper level, where the bedrooms, bathrooms, and play space are located.

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